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I think I had flu at the time so wasn't up to much else. I just get really fed up with these 'there would be nothing in his shows without the children' type comments so I watched all the episodes I could find back to back with a stop watch to test it out and found they usually appear fairly briefly.
It's true, though, Sensei. It's not how often or for how long they appear on screen (and they have done a lot in the recent series), it's that the DOTY theme is so ever-present. They are a constant backdrop physically and in the narrative to pad out his show so the reality is, there IS very little else of interest without them. And they themselves (CAN/PA) must feel that too, otherwise why pound people over the head with it?

And I'm probably one of the few people who in principle doesn't really have a prob with the idea of having them feature on the show. But as with everything with PA, It's not what he does, it's the way that he does it.

And this has nothing to do with liking or disliking PA. It's just the reality of what he does. Those who like him will be more tolerant of him, those who don't (and can see right through him) will see no reason to make excuses for a 40yr old man constantly milking his DOTY brand.
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