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I think I had flu at the time so wasn't up to much else. I just get really fed up with these 'there would be nothing in his shows without the children' type comments so I watched all the episodes I could find back to back with a stop watch to test it out and found they usually appear fairly briefly. That's not to say they don't bring add a lot to the show because Pete lights up when he's with them and they're an instant boost of energy and fun. He couldn't really have a 'My Life' show without them or Emily because then it would mostly be 'My Work' so I'd rather see him bring that to a close for his own sake.

I think a CAN-based reality series would genuinely be a better prospect because they'd have a much bigger cast of characters and situations to draw on and Pete could be part of it. I came face to face with CP once in our local high street and she really is larger than life, not just in a physical sense, she has a lot of 'presence' so she'd make a good central figure especially if it was 'warts 'n all'. Throw in Nev and Katie too for some real drama
That is true Sensei, there really wouldn't be a show without the kids but that's what irritates me about PA, he is fully aware of this & therefore keeps them in it regardless of any harm it may be doing them. (I'd still like to hear what a professional in children's behaviour opinion was on this)
I just wish someone would shake some sense into him & get him to take his head out his backside & face the harm he could be doing to them. One thing is for sure, it won't be CP as I truly believe money is her main motive even with her beloved Pete.

Excellent idea about a CAN based reality series though, I'd even pay to watch if KP & Nev were chucked into the mix
Maybe an email to CP to pitch it to her, if she sees the signs I'm sure she'll give it some thought
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