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That is true Sensei, there really wouldn't be a show without the kids but that's what irritates me about PA, he is fully aware of this & therefore keeps them in it regardless of any harm it may be doing them. (I'd still like to hear what a professional in children's behaviour opinion was on this)
I just wish someone would shake some sense into him & get him to take his head out his backside & face the harm he could be doing to them. One thing is for sure, it won't be CP as I truly believe money is her main motive even with her beloved Pete.

Excellent idea about a CAN based reality series though, I'd even pay to watch if KP & Nev were chucked into the mix
Maybe an email to CP to pitch it to her, if she sees the signs I'm sure she'll give it some thought
Cyril's posted previously that in the Katie and Peter days the reality filming was 'fly-on-the-wall' and they shaped the episodes in the edit room whereas he had the impression that the new production company pre-plan more. So my hope is that the filming of the kids has been strictly limited and controlled and that most of their time is spent away from the cameras. But I agree that they're at an age where the scrutiny it puts them under could become damaging and it would be better to stop it completely.

It intrigues me how differently people interpret the Pete/CP dynamic. I think she comes across like an exasperated older sister dealing with her annoying kid brother, affectionate but zero attraction even when she's telling him how to work it for the cameras. She seems far more into alpha males.

I think some of the criticism Pete gets comes from the need to pad out the show (I don't believe for a minute that he usually chases Gloria around the kitchen to get a hug!). I think he'll come across far better in projects where the focus isn't just on him and they're not trying to push certain themes. This report about one of the 60MM makeovers is nice as the family say he was 'lovely - very happy and friendly' which shows he can do more than just suffer

I think this 'refusing to talk to the children about Katie's baby' has been picked up from the last question in his New interview as he was asked something like 'are they excited about the new baby' and he replied ''I'm very good at diverting, so there haven't really been any long conversations about it'. So I doubt CAN briefed the press but perhaps he should have known it would be jumped on and not answered. But I agree if the children want to talk to him about it then he should just go with it and make it all as natural for them as possible.
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