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The Hangover Part III

A lot of people criticised the second movie for being an almost direct copy of the first (without being as funny), but that's actually what I quite liked about it. OK, it's ridiculous that the same thing would happen again, but no more ridiculous than the things that actually happened. As such, for this apparent trilogy closer, I was a bit upset to hear that they weren't having the "do-over" of the previous two films, and were taking it in a different angle.

Turns out, I think they probably did the right thing. The story isn't actually that bad, and has a nice couple of twists along the way, and while maybe not as funny as the previous two, you care enough about the characters by now to make that not matter so much. The story is a bit better by necessity, so it doesn't matter that the gag quote isn't so high.

It may think it's a bit funnier than it actually is (having Chow on a parachute shouting "I love cocaine" seems to be this films idea of a clever joke), but it does have enough good set pieces and decent story manouevers to keep it surprising and worth investing in. Most characters get their moment in the spotlight (excepting Doug, once again sidelined away from the action!), and the tag scene is a great ending to the series, a complete bit of nonsesne, but a fantastic call back to the lunacy of the first two films.

I've enjoyed all three films in the series - the first the most because it really felt like something new when it was released four years ago, but there's been enough good stuff in the two sequels to make the trilogy worthwhile.
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