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I work in radio so have been very fortunate to meet a lot of music and showbiz types over the years. The vast majority are lovely and I have had some wonderful times, being lucky.

One person who really sticks in my mind is Darius. Back in about 2003 we had a complete re-furb of the studios and station so we asked Darius to come and perform for some invited clients, listeners and Asda Heroes. Now the Asda Heroes were children of courage and part of a charity campaign they were doing. Anyway, at the end of the set he gave his towel to a disabled girl in a wheelchair and had a good chat with her.

About 6 months later we were hosting the Smash Hits Tour at the Sheffield Arena and Darius was on the bill. We went down on a mini bus, again with some of the Asda Heroes, including this girl. She pulled me to one side and said "Darren when Darius gave me his towel he told me he liked my bracelet ( it was in the style of a bike chain ) so would you give it to him when you see him backstage please ?" I did and he was as charming as ever. He told me to thank her. A month or so later he was pictured in Heat Magazine wearing said bracelet. I just thought that was pure class. Apparently the girl was really made up. What a touch
That's a lovely story. I have heard lots of nice things about Darius

It reminds me of a story about Dave Grohl. He met a fan with Cerebral Palsy, and was lovely to her. A few years later he met her again, remembered her name and invited her to see them do a video shoot.
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