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So only read a bit of her "memoir" (doesn't all she have to do is staple together her weekly column drivel and call it a "memoir"?)

So basically she was a moany, aggressive bitch of a child who wanted expensive things that her poor parent's couldn't afford (I WANTED A PONY!!! WHY DIDN'T GET A PONY??"), was angry all the time and was ashamed to be poor. (Makes me wonder if she is a good example for "nature" (born a moody ungrateful cow) rather than "nuture" as her parents sounded lovely but poor).

Also, anyone STUPID enough to let a sheepdog off the lead deserves to possibly die alone on the moor. And yes Liz, we wouldn't have come to your funeral.
She has to be a troll, right? Anyone would know how badly and unlikeable they'd come across if they wrote even half of the drivel LJ writes, but LJ plays the oblivious innocent victim. She's either seriously mentally unwell, or is just another Fail puppet selling her soul for money. I think it's a bit of both.
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