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What a strange thing to say. The man will not be talking about his job and nor will he be committing acts of child abuse. If various tabloids hadn't published it no one would know that he was a policeman among many many others who have had a small role in operation yew tree.
Wake up and smell the coffee, wasn't it the official newspaper of Big Brother that drew attention to him? Didn't they claim he was a 'senior officer' who quit Operation Yewtree to be on BB?

Much of the media then picked up the Yewtree connection, if they'd just said gay former police officer there would be no hook for publicity.

How do you know he won't talk about his former job over the coming weeks?

It's the BB fans getting off on the thought he might let slip a name, forgetting the live feed isn't live and C5 would not broadcast it anyway...but if he was to talk about someone who is dead that might be a different kettle of fish.

If he did let something slip and it wasn't broadcast, what guarantee is there one of the housemates or production team wouldn't see it as a way to make some money by selling a story to the media?
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