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Hallo all

Here I am minding me own business and drinking lots of vino (as you do) on a post birthday hol with my darling hubby. On skimming through the papers I alighted on this week's Dreary and out jumped the word W-e-n-s-l-e-y-d-a-l-e!

Oh gawd - I hardly need to tell you where our idyllic holiday cottage is now do I? I'm afraid to venture out in case I bump into our demented heroine. I'm off to open another bottle ( or 2)!!!

Hope you aren't too hungover today and don't bump into LJ

She endlessly trots out the posed " I wanna be a model '" pictures ,but has anyone ever seen evidence of anorexia? Or of the giant boobs she claims to have had removed?.

Cathrin you are right ,we seem to be on the umpteenth version of many of her tales.They become increasingly far fetched every time,
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