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This must be the only place I haven't regurgitated my Dale Winton experience so I don't see why you should miss out...

It' was when he was in Pets Win Prizes so must be 20 years or so. He turned up in a gay club in Sheffield with a couple of other blokes. It wasn't very busy and I copped him staring at me several times. At the end I was outside waiting for a taxi and he appeared beside me. (Dale Winton voice) "I've been looking at you all night and trying to pluck up courage to talk to you..." So we have a chat, and I asked him why he was doing in Sheffield. He something about having family living there. He was very pleasant but then again he was trying to get into my knicks so....
Anyway after 5 minutes his mates polled up in a convertible, he said (Dale Winton voice) "0h god I'd better go" and he was off.

He was head to foot in snow washed denim with those big banana coloured caterpillar suede boots. He was very orange .

And no, I wouldn't have....
Oh but it's a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing.

He might have been trying for some panty action but at least he was a gent in talking directly to you. That's rather nice.
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