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I believe the general consensus is Charles, Camilla and Anne are all really nice.
Don't normally like to pass on second-hand information, but since the topic came up...

My mother met Princess Anne a few years ago. Mum worked as a volunteer at a children's hospice of which HRH was a patron, and she (Princess Anne) came to open a new wing which had been built thanks to a substantial bequest.

After the official opening, photographs and glad-handing, Princess Anne shooed off her minders, sat with a couple of very sick young children and read them a story, then went off to the staff room to have a mug of tea and a natter with the nurses and volunteers.

My parents are Royalists in the sense of "we don't like 'em, but we like the alternatives even less", but to this day she won't hear a bad word said about Princess Anne.
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