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I like your blind optimism! I know TUTV had only a small number of Sky Sports subscribers, but I could not see many banging on the door to watch non-league football and Australian Rugby League!!
I think Mike is referring to Premier Sports being suitable for Top Up TV because it is a niche product. It would be ideal for DTT because it is a stand-alone channel in the mould of ESPN.

Rugby League is a popular sport in the U.K., especially on the M62 corridor.

A NRL game (Australian League) is probably the equivalent of watching a European domestic league soccer match (e.g. Budesliga or La Liga) to rugby league fans.

The Rugby League World Cup is due to be played in the U.K. in October / November this year - Premier Sports has won the rights to show all the matches live (the BBC will also be covering some live games too), so I think there is a reasonably good opportunity to sell a healthy number of new subscriptions in the run up to these matches.

In terms of non-league soccer, the subscription market will probably expand for these games too, since The Football League is considering a three up / down promotion system, which will mean more vital / important fixtures being played throughout the season.
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