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I have huge respect for any celebrity who is nice to their fans. It sounds stupid but think about it. We might want to walk from our homes to the shops for 10 minutes and you might be a bit tired, stressed out and hope you don't bump into anyone you know and then you get irritated when you bump into a neighbour, but think about what it must be like to be famous. Every single day of your life no matter where you go or what you're doing or how you're feeling you're going to have a crowd of strangers flashing cameras in your face and demanding autographs and pictures taken with them. I mean, sure sometimes they'll be in a good mood and have no problem standing around outside for ages pleasing everyone, but if you've travelled for hours on the plane to another country and the minute you leave the airport you get hounded by tons of people?

I could never do it. The old "they should be grateful to us because without us buying their songs/movies then they wouldn't have a career" argument is completely unfair because we aren't forced to buy their products. You make the choice of purchasing their album and as a consequence of that the artist provides their fans with a tour and Meet and Greet opportunities. You do not pay for their album (or download it illegally) and then call Ed Sheeran an ignorant bastard because he's flew from America to the UK and didn't stop to sign autographs for 100 other people. You choose to buy his album with the reward being the album itself, not an invitation to stop him in public and bombard him with autograph or picture requests.

I just couldn't imagine it. I'm recovering from surgery just now and I need to go for walks to get my strength back. The thought of being famous and me being harassed by strangers while in this amount of pain and discomfort makes me feel a bit ill and makes me glad to be anonymous.
I think a lot depends on the person too - for example I think some celebs are natural extraverts of enjoy meeting their fans and interacting with them whilst some are much more intraverted. John Simm in an Radio Times interview was honest about feeling harassed by being approached by Doctor Who fans in the supermarket although none of them were particularly unpleasant - a friend of mine ran into him and said he was perfectly nice but seemed to not want the attention and that fits with the picture I have of him who a nice but very private man.
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