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Very kind of you to say so and certainly this is reciprocated when it comes to the 5 Live info you have posted.

I should add that I appreciate all of the help I have received in compiling all of the information from talkSPORT and other stations both on and away from this forum over the course of 2012/13.

Now that the TV rights to the Saturday 5.30pm timeslot has shifted over from ESPN to Sky Sports, will we be getting games played at this time on more of a regular basis than has been the case over the past three seasons?

I'm no expert on the television side of the Premier League's rights deals and TV's scheduling calls but I've read a few times on the various threads on this over in the Broadcasting section that it is expected that Sky Sports will air games at this time a bit more frequently than ESPN had done.

Calling upon my stats for talkSPORT, there was only 23 games played in that timeslot in 2012/13 - contrasting with 27 matches played on Sunday at 1.30pm or 2pm (talkSPORT had five Premier League Sunday double headers last season to bring their Sunday total up to 32).

While that might not sound that much, it is a month's worth of Saturday evenings and as a frequent listener to talkSPORT at weekends it is noticeable that when have to adjust their usual Saturday night schedule with extra editions of My Sporting Life normally filling the gap the lack of a live late game leaves. From a listener's perspective I'd like it if they were able to cover a live game on just about every Saturday barring those during international breaks in order to give the station's output a bit more consistency (securing rights to the FA Cup has helped in this respect).

I'm not expecting a great deal of change in the quality of matches talkSPORT are able to cover - they should still get their fair share of "blockbuster" local derbies in the Sunday 1.30pm timeslot with mostly less attractive games pitting the bigger clubs against smaller ones at 5.30pm on Saturdays - but it would be good if it looked like they would be more likely to exceed their quota of 64 Premier League commentaries rather than fall short of it, as has been the case over the past two seasons.
I think you are right Diff. Talksport had both Manchester United v Liverpool games last season, as well as 1 Manchester derby and at least 1 Liverpool v Everton game so I don't see what they have next season as being much different.
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