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This is what Fellows wrote in October 2012...

When I was fifteen years old, I was introduced to politicians via working from 1990-1994 on the investigative TV show, “The Cook Report”, which became a nightmare. .... When I joined the team, I was a confident child actor. I had a powerful agent and I was working on a regular basis across the entertainment industry. The Cook Report needed a child,specifically one who was mixed race to place in front of prominent politicians to lure them into a sting operation – a dangerous honey trap if there ever was one.

Firstly, it was illegal for The Cook Report to exploit me in this way. I was a child for God’s sake! Yet, if I was eighteen but looked fifteen and I fully understood what I was getting into – then fair enough. But I was only fifteen at the time, so not being able to say no to a job – I joined the team and began my role in the sting.
This joint investigation by The Cook Report and Guardian is said to have taken place in 1994. the Guardian carried a report based on the investigation on 20 Oct 1994.

Was Ben Fellows 15 or 19 ? How come his powerful agent, who was already getting him work on a regular basis across the entertainment industry unable to say no?
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