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I've had a lot

I had one that I met Ed Sheeran at this sushi/cocktail bar in the middle of a bowling alley. We went to Mc Donald's which was in a casino but then the people behind us turned into slugs and chased us up onto the roof where I jumped off and then my eyebrows fell off.

I had another where I'd met Matt Smith at the cinema and just left my friend in the foyer with the popcorn to go on the go karts with him. Then I found out that he was hiding from someone from Corrie because they'd broke the Tardis.

There was the one where I was on X Factor the year Olly Murs was and I was singing a duet with The Script and everytime I opened my mouth jelly fell out, the stage turned to springs and it began vibrating and everyone was escaping. Danny was telling me I needed to jump but whenever I tried I just fell over and then Simon Cowell was like no you have to sing but I couldn't because of the jelly.

I've had a dream I was dating Moriarty from BBC Sherlock (some would say he's probably a great pairing for me) and he killed my friend (not so great) because he didn't like her shoes and I started worrying the police would come so we bought a car and drove to Canada.

I had one I was fighting Voldemort but then he broke down and said he just wanted some pretzels so we had to go to the American Candy store in my Uni town to get him some and Harry was flipping out because they were 8.99.
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