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I'm all for anyone being a rainbow unicorn but if this has come about because of this direct quote:

edele lynch ‏@edelelynch 25 Jun

@lindsayarmaou @dynasty_media @keavylynch holy hotties #iwould well one of u anyway the other would b messed up! But I do love u"

then to me it's a non-story.

She says, 'holy hotties'. She thinks they are all hot including her sister. What's wrong with that?
She then goes onto say 'i would' which is preety much a silly, flippant remark confirming she seems open-minded in her views. But she clarifies that one is 'messed up', presumably meaning 'there's one I actually wouldnt'.

Which do you think that would be? Her sister most likely?

She then says 'But i do love u' which I would take to mean is her way of including her sister back into the fray but in a sisterly way if you will.

I don't think there is anything amiss or extraordinary about this exchange. It's just a few lasses rattling off a bit of banter. I think people are really taking this exchange in a more serious way than it merits tbh.

Each to their own and all but to me, based on this, it's summat and nowt. If she were making sexual overtures to her sister frequently and more pointedly, then that's the time I'd sit up and listen. I suspect she won't be though.
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