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In Which I Behave Really Horribly And Offputtingly Towards The FRS During Dinner, Yet Strangely This Seems Only To Inflame His Passion, Turning Him Into A Combination of Mr Darcy, Mr Rochester and Rhett Butler In The Final Paragraph.

The highlight surely has to be the RS's response to Liz's interaction with the waiter. "Go out with him, why don't you!" he snaps jealously, channelling a sulky insecure teenager on his first ever date. : rolleyes: Has this woman never actually heard an adult couple talking to each other?

As for the MoS article....she seriously doesn't think she can do this any more. Hmm.

ETA Since she's identified the restaurant where this encounter supposedly took place, hasn't she indirectly identified the chef who supposedly fancies her? Time for a response?
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