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Denying the fact that lots of people are on the closet and being offended by the suggestion of people being gay is homophobic. Why would it bother you? Also Elton John obviously isn't the only man to have married a woman when he is gay! Suggesting someone is gay is not the same as suggesting two sisters are shagging which I don't actually think is the case with Edele and Keavy. It's not using gay goggles to know that not everyone is open about who they are because it can hurt their career and because there are homophobic idiots in the world. I seriously wonder why people come on this thread if all they do is get offended and say it must be wishful thinking etc. it would only be looking through gay goggles of we suggested most people in the world are gay. Millions still are, get over it! I am sick of listening to idiots who think being gay is a bad thing. Best to skip those posts because it is just annoying and depressing.
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