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So many! Maybe quite random choices, though!

More than one from Atonement
- The Dunkirk beach tracking shot
- Briony with the French soldier
- The scene in the nursery, so weird and intense and one of the most brilliantly acted scenes I've ever seen
Even though Atonement's not a favourite of mine, there's some beautiful and wonderful scenes in that film. I tend to re-watch specific scenes rather than the whole film. I love that scene where Robbie's writing his letter to Cee, with shots of her getting dressed whilst that piece of opera music plays.

Some random ones from me:-

'I'd make a good Gordon, Gordon' - Local Hero
Local Hero - Mac arriving home from Scotland, emptying his pockets, sticking his photographs of Gordon and Stella on his wall, walking out onto his balcony and looking out over Houston. Cut to village and telephone box, telephone rings, Mark Knopfler's score is perfect.

The bit in Ghostbusters after the GB have taken the stairs up to Dana's apartment; the camera zooms out slowly to show them wandering around her destroyed blown up apartment. I love the music in that scene too.

The Ice Dance bit in Edward Scissorhands

When Alec and Geena's characters first meet Beetlejuice in the model town. 'What are your qualifications?' Michael Keaton is hilarious in that short scene.
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