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Hello! I've not looked in here for a while...Big Brother has got me hooked this year!

Hot news for Lexi - The Andre wearing a beret again - I know how much you like that

Don't film him or talk to the press about him though -the heavies will call the police and block his head with cardboard!

Ta ta for now!
Jesus wept.
I genuinely don't know where to start.

What the heck is his obsession with the beret/glasses combo? He looks like a short-sighted Frank Spencer tribute act.
I didn't see a great deal of flocking - unless it now means "20 or so peed-off looking people with nothing else to do standing in the street".
The last bit is comedy gold - "he held a walkabout" and "whipped his fans into a frenzy".
A walkabout??
Who does he think he is?
And bearing in mind the tiny crowd, how did it take him 20 minutes?
As far as whipping people into a frenzy, all I can say is it would take more than a middle-aged, denim-clad, beret-bedecked numpty .
Emily's standards must be lower than even I thought.
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