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Rachel took over the phone in from Nicky (I am on the tv a lot) Campbell this morning to discuss the omission of BOD from the Lions tour.
It appeared they dumped Ian Robertson from the discussion during the travel he was going on rather a lot but a strange way to treat a respected commentator.
They probably should have dumped him earlier, going by the comments he made to BBC News after the Third Test team was named and judging by the comments attributed to him from his Radio 5 Live interview on the BBC Sport website.

I've never bought into the hype surrounding Robertson, but even so I was shocked at quite how disrespectful he has been about Warren Gatland's brave yet totally justifiable selection calls, not to mention the players who have been brought into the Lions team. The "picked some names out of a lucky bag" comment is particularly unbecoming of a supposed "respected commentator". Agree or disagree with Gatland's individual calls, he's picked the team that he thinks is best suited to beating Australia and it is just embarrassing that Robertson chooses to denigrate him and his team in such a petty way.

The British & Lions committee did the right thing in selling the UK radio rights to the tour of Australia to talkSPORT, who have taken radio coverage of a Lions tour onto a new level (it's the first time every game from a Lions tour has been covered live and in full on UK-wide analogue radio). Judging by his completely over the top rants from yesterday, Robertson has not been missed - in my opinion he's still dining out on his overrated commentary on Jonny Wilkinson's drop goal from ten years ago and isn't in the same class as most of the other prominent rugby union commentators out there. I didn't think someone could move me to want the Lions to win this series any more strongly than I felt on Saturday, so thanks Robertson (and Keith Wood and Stuart Barnes) for making me really want the Lions shove those words right down your throat!
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