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PopBitch comments about Katona

Katona out of the bag

As you'll no doubt have read,
Chipshop Katona has gone and
declared herself bankrupt for
a second time. It's been widely
reported that's she's lost her
gig as the face of a payday
loan company as a result of it.

Which makes the news from
Bolton that she's being linked with
a rather smart million-pound-plus
house on the market in the
Bromley Cross area perhaps a
little surprising.
She will always make money, chavs loves her she is their hero..she is bringing in money from magazines and the Atomic kitten stuff
She will never be poor again, council estate poverty poor living on benefits..that won't ever happen again, for some reason she interests the general public and that is why her agent had such glowing terms for her. Watch her get an interview on This Morning and loads of interviews with the crappy celeb mags.
I do believe she is still on Coke and this is were her money is gone, her jaw still goes ninety in interviews..and she will get knocked up by the new fool she is with.
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