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Notice how she doesnt give a shit about it and she appears to be gloating about going bankrupt saying its the happiest shes ever been.

Yeah only because you dont have to pay the money back yet someone has to.
She doesn't think of going bankrupt in real terms, for her it's another story to sell, not a real financial crisis situation that will prevent her getting credit because others will take it out for her in the hopes they'll make some money off her peddling her sob story for the millionth time.

Honestly she has had a poor upbringing but she had opportunities to further and better herself but seems constantly drawn to dregs of society ex cons with a bit of muscle and no money. That's a personal choice that she should know better than to make by now but she just seems to stupid to learn from her own mistakes, viewing every further failure as a chance to rebrand and reboot herself. Unfortunately that only really works if you have something new to sell. She's sold everything about herself at least 2-3 times now, from weight loss/weight gain, marriages, break ups, divorces, now bankruptcy again... she's literally living off of being a walking calamity incapable of sustaining positive progression. Given the numerous opportunities afforded to her despite an apparent lack of intellect or talent, she still is hanging around somehow and that's probably more credit due to her agents than her.

I feel worst for eldest. I won't be surprised if she grows up with depression or decides not to have children herself given her upbringing. She seems acutely aware of her mother's failings and increasingly disappointed in her.
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