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Yes, I was going to come into this thread, all guns blazing, saying something about how stupid she was to go bankrupt again. Having read that, it's made me think a bit more deeply. This is something that goes on and on and on, with Kerry. Even her latest squeeze has been banged up for blackmail. I hope that one day she finds peace. It's sad that her kids seem to have gone through so much of this with her and the cycle just keeps repeating. Really hope the kids can break it as they grow older and don't tread the same path.

I don't think anyone can deny she had a lousey childhood but how many chances can one person be given before they have to admit that just a bit of it might be their fault? She always seems to direct the blame on to someone else.

The amounts of money quoted in that article are unchecked and even if true they are sums most people only dream of. She knows she's bad with money so did she sort herself out a decent accountant to manage her money and make sure her tax bills etc. were saved for and deposited in a seperate account that Kerry couldn't touch and allow kerry a reasonable allowance to live on each month? No, Kerry decided to carry on subjecting her kids to a series of unsuitable men in their lives and dragging them up and down the country putting them in and out of different schools while she lived a life she couldn't afford. Why did she need a tacky 3000/month house? A quick check on Rightmove shows a number of 5 bedroom houses in the Wigan area ( 5 mile radius) below 2000 and many more 4 bed, which is all she actually needs, substantially cheaper. Does she need several holidays a year funded by selling her dreadful photos? Most people settle for one holiday a year funded by hard work. And the poor love has to shop in ASDA and Matalan. Such hardship! And as for Bryan not paying her anything surely the courts have the power to enforce maintenance payments especially as he is back in the UK? Although even on that point Kerry seems to have trouble with the truth. She says she gets nothing but in brackets it says he pays 500/month.

Kerry is one deluded individual, she's not an 'entertainer' and most people do not relate to her, they laugh at her. I'm sure many people who are even aware of her existence would not be sorry if they ever saw or heard of her again. In fact the best thing that could happen would be if the media all backed off and stopped funding her grubby little life or we are just going to be bored by this disgraceful circus time and time again. Time for Kerry to have a dose of real reality!
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