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Madonna has spent her whole career being derivative. Or should I say her stylists and producers, because it's them that come up with her looks and sound, not her. The only things that sounded fairly original at the time were the True Blue and Ray Of Light albums, and that was thanks to Bray, Leonard, and William Orbit. She has released some killer pop songs in the past though, I'll give her that. She does deserve her fame.
Actually, during her early career, under the management of Freddy DeMann, Madonna called the shots. She was the creative influence in her life and she worked closely with her brother Christopher to achieve her goals.

Under the management of Guy O'Seary she has become a shadow of her former self. He uses her as his marionette and sadly she lets him. Motherhood I think has made her less ambitious so perhaps she is happy to be less controversial and just to go with the flow.
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