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Actually, during her early career, under the management of Freddy DeMann, Madonna called the shots. She was the creative influence in her life and she worked closely with her brother Christopher to achieve her goals.

Under the management of Guy O'Seary she has become a shadow of her former self. He uses her as his marionette and sadly she lets him. Motherhood I think has made her less ambitious so perhaps she is happy to be less controversial and just to go with the flow.
This is not true at all. Madonna is still in charge. You may not like her recent choices but she is still in control. Her manager's name is Guy Oseary, not how you misspelled it. I think you are giving her brother a much bigger role than he actually had. He designed some sets on her tours. That's all. Anyone that says Madonna is less controversial and just goes with the flow obviously didn't see her last tour. It was her most controversial ever.
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