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Nope. You are taking so many leaps here, you are going into light speed.
I'm really not. Look at the coverage the 'prank' got even before Jacinda's death. Would you want the embarrassment of a work-related cock-up broadcast to millions of people, all over the world? Your employment put in jeopardy? Both of these were the minimum outcome of Greig and Christian's call, even if it were only partially successful. If they didn't have the nous to realise that - or, more likely, care - then they shouldn't be in their jobs. Or is that the basis for Greig's lawsuit - "I'm too thick to be on the air, you should have realised this, pay me"?

I genuinely cannot believe that there are people around who think that one of the instigators of this tragedy trying to make money from it is in any way acceptable.
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