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To be fair, no one could have imagined ever that the outcome would be someone's suicide.

However, I think it's pretty damn upsetting that you can't dislike pranks (especially when it's a hospital that was pranked) or think the DJ's were/are in the wrong somehow without being called something as strong as a sanctimonious finger wagger.
Meh. I've been called worse, and usually with good reason

I'll admit to hating the prank genre of entertainment, relying as it does on making people look 'stupid' in a pre-arranged scenario where the prankster holds all the cards.However, I've never thought, nor suggested, that the DJs could have anticipated the tragic outcome of this prank.

I believe however that they overstepped the mark in terms of the target of the joke (a pregnant woman hospitalised? Ooh my sides) and failing to realise the potential repercussions - again, NOT the suicide, but the very real dangers of media vilification and job dismissal/disciplinary for those they fooled. I don't believe they should be hounded any further for the original broadcast - it's done, and they got a fair kicking for it at the time. Greig's attempts to paint herself as a victim and acquire financial gain from the situation are, however, nauseating and morally repugnant.
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