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Gigi calm down dear! I did see her last tour. It was superb. Apart from Live nations choice of setting. Yes, Christopher did do the set designs for her earlier tours and she was once quite close to him and valued his input. But I think you are wrong that Madonna is still in charge today,. She knows what she wants but is often misguided by her her money driven manager. He uses her as a commodity to get rich and whilst you don't like that fact I'm afraid it's true. You only have to compare the music from 2005 to the music she does now to realise that she is being "guided into a populist genre" rather than be allowed to focus on the music SHE wants to create. Indeed she felt the release date for MDNA was rushed and she tampered with the edits of the tracks and altered the tracklisting to improve it right up to the last minute. Let's not fall out though. I like you loads!
I like you too, but I don't agree with you. Madonna changes a lot in the style of music she likes. Just because you may not like something doesn't mean she's not in charge. Madonna has always liked pop music. Yes, she's has some more alternative things like Ray of Light, but she has always had a pop mainstream side to what she does. I think you're naive if you think Madonna doesn't like to make money. You act like Guy is making all the money and Madonna gets nothing. He gets a percentage, but she is making a lot of money too. She's never made a secret of the fact that she wants to have hits and make money from her tours.
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