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No one in the music business on Madonna's level does everything themselves. It would be impossible. Madonna has hired Jean Paul Gaultier to design costumes specifically for her tours. That's what I was talking about, not clothes she may wear at other events. She has hired him to make clothes for her tours that fit with the look she wants. You aren't able to buy those in a store. He sits down with her and she discusses the look she wants for her tour and he designs something specifically for her based on her wants and needs.
And a stylist does pick what clothes they like or suits their client from various designers . That's what a stylist does. Most stylists don't design clothes themselves. So if Madonna picks out what she wants to wear from various designers she is styling herself.
Arianna Philips styles Madonna. She doesn't do it herself. Seriously, this is not even worth arguing further, she doesn't do it all herself as previously claimed.
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