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Agreed up until you saying she deserves fame, the self-righteousness from some of her fans (especially on DS) is shocking, If someone who'd never heard of her came on here for research, you'd think she invented performance full stop.

Like I said in another thread, before getting shouted down by one of her over-enthusiastic fans...she's nothing but an expert business woman who's managed to hire the right people and cleverly exploit the music industry for her own gain. All these arguments that crop up like "she's reinvented herself throughout her career", PML because she's had to! If she had a diva-type voice I seriously doubt she'd have used so many shock-tactics to get by. Most artists who possess even a quarter of vocal talent don't need controversy to sell, because they believe in their talent to carry them through.
What you don't understand is us Madonna fans actually love her voice. I personally hate that type of screaming diva style of singing like Mariah, Celine and Whitney. If Madonna sang in that way, I wouldn't be a fan. You act like there's only one good way of singing. Yes, Madonna is a good businesswoman but she also has recorded and sung great songs that her fans enjoy, even though you may not.
And I wonder why if a woman like Madonna uses fashion and controversy, everyone says it is because she doesn't have musical talent. But if someone like David Bowie does the same things, people don't deny his talent. Performing is not just about the audio, it's also about visuals and theatre. Both Madonna and David do that, but somehow if Madonna does it she's not given credit for creating great performances, but David is praised endlessly for doing the same thing. I like David, but I don't think it's fair how they are portrayed so differently.
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