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Arianna Philips styles Madonna. She doesn't do it herself. Seriously, this is not even worth arguing further, she doesn't do it all herself as previously claimed.
But don't you think Madonna gives Arianna guidance as to what she wants? No one says Madonna does everything herself, but she is in control of her image. Arianna doesn't tell her what to wear. She works with what Madonna says she wants. Madonna is very busy rehearsing for tours, recording, running many businesses. She doesn't have time to go to every store to look at ever designer. Arianna does that and works with what Madonna wants. She doesn't dictate to Madonna what to wear. Why is this rule an artist have to do everything themselves? I don't think anyone said that, but they said that Madonna has a vision for what she wants to look like and is in charge of that, although she has other people to carry out that vision. Why are people so desperate to undermine Madonna's talent and unique artistic vision. I don't get it.
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