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But don't you think Madonna gives Arianna guidance as to what she wants? No one says Madonna does everything herself, but she is in control of her image. Arianna doesn't tell her what to wear. She works with what Madonna says she wants. Madonna is very busy rehearsing for tours, recording, running many businesses. She doesn't have time to go to every store to look at ever designer. Arianna does that and works with what Madonna wants. She doesn't dictate to Madonna what to wear. Why is this rule an artist have to do everything themselves? I don't think anyone said that, but they said that Madonna has a vision for what she wants to look like and is in charge of that, although she has other people to carry out that vision. Why are people so desperate to undermine Madonna's talent and unique artistic vision. I don't get it.
... Jesus, you guys are desperate to try credit someone for the work of their employees.

Look, the reality is she is a performer. She sings and dances. She doesn't design all her own sets, all her own clothes, fix her hair and make up on her own and singlehandedly control every facet of her career from what she wears to how her records sound. She literally would not have any time to perform if she was doing all of that. Go back and watch in Bed With Madonna, she has people telling her what to do, what to wear and where to go ALL THE TIME.


She runs and empire but that doesn't make her the single person in charge of everything. She has a team of people she delegates duties to. Honestly, you're trying to make a 50 year old pop singer into some kind of omniscient, omnipotent demagogue rather than accepting she pays people that are good at what they do to do their very best for her. It's not only incredibly fantastical to assume any one person controls everything about their career when it is so diverse, it is a disservice to the work of those that are putting in the time to choreograph both her and her dancers, design their costumes, book the venues, arrange the VIPs, sort the rider out and ensure the show runs smoothly from the lighting to the set and costume changes.

Madonna is not a superhero who can work at the speed of light. She is a normal woman who works hard but also has others working hard for her. This is not about taking credit away from her work, it's about acknowleding and crediting others for the work they do for her rather than pretending she's an octopus with all the skills and time in the world.

And no, I doubt she tells Arianna what to do because IT'S ARIANNA'S JOB TO KNOW ALL THESE THINGS FOR MADONNA. The next trends are what she is paid to keep aware of and process in order to produce suitable and on trend fashions for Madonna's shows. That's her bloody job, if it's not, what is she on the payroll for? You honestly think a working mother of 4 who is the patron of charities and schools, who claims to only sleep 4-6 hours a night, is going to go through every goddamn fashion magazine in the last three months published internationally to tap up the next big designers and trends? No. She pays people to do that so she doesn't have to. Running an empire doesn't mean doing everything alone before telling someone what to do, it involves trusting your employees to do their best work. It's why Donald Trump doesn't answer his own phoneline and has a secretary.

Seriously, let's be real here. Undermining her artistic vision? Most of her songs are written or co-written for her, her original act is a take of from Veronica Lake and Marilyn Monroe, she has employed producers to make the majority of her music because she didn't even learn acoustic guitar until she was 38, she is a first and foremost a product and performer, not some fountain of unique and creative originality. Undermine her? I'm sorry, you seem to be of the mindset she is honestly a one woman operation. She is not and has not ever been that and to claim otherwise is to be wholly ignorant of the surfeit of evidence from her multiple tour DVDs and the aforementioned IBWM.
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