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If you read my post properly you'd see I mentioned having a quarter of vocal talent, that's hardly making any analogies to Whitney or Mariah even if the D word was dropped. She's an expert at manipulation and taking credit, some of her fans practically suggest everything is all her own merit. There were women before her to combine theatrics and performance like Grace Jones, Debbie Harry.

Yet again it's implied that Madonna's invented performance, just because of the grand scale of shock-tactics and meticulous publicity stunts used (e.g. pretending to be offended at Sinead O' Connor's performance at Saturday Night Live). It's like proclaiming the Spice Girls invented girl-power (Bananarama anyone?).

For someone like Madonna who likes to constantly exude supposed artistic integrity, she's not a patch on people like Prince who it with effortless class.

Gigi, you may as well accept I'm never going to agree with you. You're a little too biased to even consider some other people's points of view are valid.
You seem biased against her. I'm sure if I attacked one of your favourite artists like Prince, you would come to his defense. What makes Prince more classy than Madonna? He uses sexual imagery just as much as she does. I like Prince's music but his arrogance turns me off. He recently gave an interview saying that people come to his shows 50 times because other artists are so bad that coming to see him is the only way to hear quality music. Prince acts like he invented performing. One of the things I like about Madonna is she lets the work speak for itself. You either get her or you don't.
I don't see Madonna manipulating or taking credit. She colloborates with other artists and always acknowledges them. But she has taken performance to another level even if she didn't invent it. As far as vocal talent, it is a lot of times a matter of personal preference. I much prefer Madonna's voice to Debbie Harry or Grace Jones. Does Grace even sing? A lot of her songs sound spoken to me.
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