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It absolutely is. It follows a grotesque agenda of demonising women in all our forms - it often employs extreme female writers to peddle its misogyny, making hatred of women seemingly normal and something both men and women feel. Totally wrong and damaging to all us millions of women who are very pro-women.

It objectifies women by focusing on and insulting our bodies, it blames feminism for suicides, crime, addictions (just search for feminism in the Mail's site), it criticises working mothers and SAHM as if we are the only parents children have (it has nothing negative to say about fathers), and it appears to report on every single false allegation of rape whereas no rapes are reported upon (despite occurring to the tune of 100,000 a YEAR) unless there are Muslims involved or children. Rape of women? No problem and no story!

Of course, the reason the paper is so misogynistic is because sites like Mumsnet, and here of course, and other places with predominantly female membership, link to the stories as they get women (and many men) so irate at its blatent sexism. It is a highly linkable site - and the only way the Mail WON'T be sexist is if it no longer gets linked to, and people just see it for what it is and say 'Meh'!
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