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It seems to me the media always have to have one person fitting into a certain role. We had Cheryl Cole, famous for once being a singer, then famous for, well, being famous (stuff about her private life, paparazzi snaps in the trash mags all the time, etc). People more or less forgot she was once a singer and she became known as a 'celebrity'. The Cheryl thing was done to death, magazines saturated for years with photos every week, the tabloids too, appearing on TV shows, books written by her and so on (well, she didn't write them but she claims she did).

The UK seemed to be tiring of Cheryl in this role later on and needed someone knew. Cheryl was in her late-20's by then too. Who could the media promote to the level of the nation's sweetheart, media savvy, etc? Step forward Tulisa. She is 6 years younger than Cheryl (I think). Cheryl is now 30 which is old in the eyes of many. Tulisa is, I believe, 24. So Tulisa now has that crown which Cheryl once had and Cheryl is heard about less and less nowadays. These things go in cycles and just think there is some girl out there who might not be known at all, yet, who is like 17 or 19 years old today, and the baton will pass to her once the media are done with Tulisa, everyone is bored with Tulisa, and once Tulisa gets too old, and this girl will be super-famous. It's a funny world. Do people think Tulisa wears the crown as well as Cheryl did, or did you prefer Cheryl in that role?
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