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Discussed this character in the Wright Stuff thread. I'll just recap my comments:

This Katie woman is repellent, but one gets the sense that she's over-egging the pudding a bit in her desire to become one of those 'love to hate' TV personalities. Unfortunately, she's only getting it half right.

She goes for the easy targets: people and groups which she can mock and belittle without fear of legal reprisals. That way, she gets a 'Miss Nasty' media-image (which is really the only thing that seems to keep her on television and in the news) without landing herself in the dock.

Everything about her is deeply unpleasant - from the public image she consciously cultivates to the way she goes about it.

Why would anyone encourage this attention-seeking hatemonger to peddle her wares? I'm sure Wright knew full well she'd be using the platform of his show to court controversy and continue building a media reputation. Then again, perhaps he thinks it might boost ratings, given the recent media outcry provoked by her bile on This Morning.

One really must wonder about the mentality of someone who is so desperate for fame and a media career that they willingly attempt to become as 'hated' as possible (within the law, of course). The more negative the attention, the more she thinks she'll earn, I guess.
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