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I actually agree with Katie.

Names like Teighan and Kloeigh are horrific (my friend has kids named that) and urgh, horrific.
On Twitter she was attacking Tyler, Dwaine, Enya (a 5th Century Irish name), Chantelle (fairly normal in France...), Stanley, Robyn, Ethan and other very normal names, calling them common, trashy....They may not to be to everyone's taste but she has trashed the children that have them and their parents...I have come across a Keight, which is not good but she attacked place names when she has a daughter called India and extolled the virtues of names such as George, Henry and Isabella, which she has not used for her own children..

And her attack on ginger hair children is pure is predjudice and attention seeking, say any child is ugly because of their colouring is bigoted.
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