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That IS funny.

Really, why would anyone allow themselves to get outraged over her spewings? She's a troll on a very transparent mission.

No point in complaining about her while creating threads about her and giving her what she wants.

What I find most disturbing about her is the size of her head. It's ginormous.
With you all the way on this, lexi. She usually says, to an extent, what many of us might think from time to time but she is so self-serving, boorish and obnoxious with it that she successfully 'gets a rise' out of people. Personally, I pity anyone who needs to 'sell' themselves in that way, no matter how 'successful' they claim to be.

And yes, she is a big-head, lol!

ETA: I adore red/ ginger hair, especially on little freckled kids.
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