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sheila blige
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I am totally and completely sick of this woman. My issue is how she behaves, which is far worse than what she says. Even for a troll she takes it all to another level. I hope people just loose interest and programmes will stop booking her. It's all beyond boring now.
I find the programs that book her even more ridiculous. They can't fill their programs with decent guests who actually have something to say - that they have to be cheapskates and get this awful woman on.

Having said that - she does have a point about names. People should watch the Dave Spikey sketch where he talks about being in a pub trying to have a nice quiet meal when a 'Chantel-Demi' is running riot (while its parents are obliviously eating everything on the menu washed down with a 'diet' Coke).

I wouldn't go so far as not letting my child play with another with a dubious name though (then again - I think this Katie woman is just saying what she says for effect - and for the fee!)
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