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She's of the Samantha Brick mold,but on TV, not the papers. Progs will book her for the ratings factor but eventually the public will get bored of her.
Right now we are all feeding the troll...
Exactly this. She's a panto villain, a rent-a-gob, paid to be as ''controversial'' ( ) as possible in order to get people to react. Her supposed views are so ridiculous, it's obvious. If everyone had the sense to ignore her professional trolling, she'd disappear within five minutes. Same with Sam Brick and that tragic moron Liz Jones.

Hopkins was EXACTLY like this throughout the Apprentice. I remember when Alan Sugar said he didn't understand what she was playing at on the follow up show to the hiring, and her response was ''The panto villain lives on''. That tells you just about everything you need to know about Hopkins and her trolling mission.

Can't stand her and her adopted media whore personality, but I must admit her tweets are hilarious. I find it bizarre that so many people (not referring to people who've posted here) apparently can't see through her - she's completely transparent.
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