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Just to remind people these two decided to phone someone they didn't know, who was newly pregnant and ill enough to be in hospital for days. They didn't know the extent of the patients condition, but it had been widely reported it could lead to serious implications for the mother & child.

And with that knowledge they decided as a joke to phone and speak to a sick patient The full length version of the call broadcast was promoted as an attempt to speak to the patient. The first words uttered by Mel Greig was, "Could I speak to Kate please."

That was their objective, nowhere do they say we didn't expect to get through...they were basking in the glory of the call, it was only after it went pear shaped they modified their story.

The call was not broadcast live, it is possible what was broadcast was not the full extent of the call, it may have been edited to make good radio.
Personally, I imagine initially they didn't think they'd get through so did it as filler, and then when they got information they decided to drop any hint of self-doubt and bask in the attention. So whilst they're probably being honest, when they said they didn't mean to get through, they just wanted the attention and glory that came from their "success",

I think it's a bit mean to hold them responsible for the suicide and to bring it up continuously for the rest of their lives

And, It's a fairly large radio company, somebody would have probably come across an unaltered version of the call by now if it existed.
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