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I could appreciate the point she was trying to make on This Morning, she put it over in the wrong way. One example: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have named their daughter North West. That is ludicrous, but it isn't the child's fault. I am sure she will be afforded lots more luxuries and opportunities than Katie's children, whose offspring are no better than Kim's. I have always respected Katie as a business woman, but I am quite disappointed in her, and the manner with which she has attacked Katherine Jenkins. If anyone is a media w**re, it is not Katherine. Also, with regard to the Baroness Thatcher's funeral, Katherine Jenkins was, in respect of Lady Thatcher's wishes, an invited guest. Call me cynical, but does Katie have a future project? As they say, any publicity is good publicity.

The thing about names is she brought class into it, which was deeply snobby and unnecessary. If she had simply said that people really shouldn't give their kids silly, pretentious, trendy names no one would have batted an eyelid.

Her comments about ginger babies were horrid, and frankly the fact that so may people seem to think it's acceptable to make fun of and outright abuse red haired people is shocking. You can't help the colour of your hair any more than you can your gender or the colour of your skin and if you're picked on for that the person doing it can get in serious trouble. The rather cavalier attitude people have the very unpleasant bullying some red-haired people suffer is unacceptable, frankly. Sorry, bit of a rant but 'gingerism' gets right on my nerves, and I'm a brunette!

Back to Katie Hopkins, I actually agree with a fair bit of what she says about Katherine Jenkins, although some of it was unnecessarily spiteful. KJ does come across as a narcissistic attention-seeker whose delusions of grandeur regarding her status as an 'opera singer' and celebrity/royal brown-nosing border on nauseating. With regards to Maggie's funeral, no one disputes the fact that KJ was invited, they're just suggesting that turning up and shoving your cleavage at the paparazzi might not be the best way to behave at a funeral.

Just found this article in the Daily Mail

Katie Hopkins on Katherine Jenkins

I find that quite amusing given that their own columnist wrote a long article slagging off KJ a couple of months ago!
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