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I really fail to see why people have a problem wiuth Katie... it is HER opinion on topics !!!! so why is everyone so up in arms about them.. she is not trying to impose them on anyone else nor is she saying she is right !!

She is merely stating her own views on things like we all do! Ok it may not be the same as the 'general' Joe public but who are we to tell her that SHE is wrong... I really dont get it at al... and to be totally honest I agree with most of what she says.. !! She is spot on in my 'opinion'
She is a bigot, ignorant and has the behaviour of a sociopath..We tell plenty of bigoted people they are wrong..
I object to someone talking about class when she wreaks other peoples marriages and really hurt her step-family, to be with yet another married man, who she was caught by the Paps shagging in a field....Attacking children named Tyler, Jayden, Caitlin, Stanley, Dwaine, Enya and Brandon...making it very difficult for the children to have any friends at school..imagine is her daughter has people in her class named Tyler, Rhiannon or Chantelle, they could invite the whole class to a birthday party but not Katie's daughter because she wouldn't deem them good enough....And now the other parents will wonder if their children had been rejected as not being deemed good enough...

And I fear for this country, when rudeness is classed as being opinionated and "speaking the truth.."
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