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Don't know about CBB, but I do know that she's releasing an e-book soon, which explains an awful lot about her recent spate of public raving and drooling.

Hopkins has been doing this since she left The Apprentice in 2007. Her parting shot back then was ''The pantomime villain lives on'', which says it all.

She's been yowling nonsense to get publicity for six years now, and will undoubtedly continue to do so as long as people keep reacting to her over the top comments. She's long outlasted that Brick moron already.

If you think she genuinely believes all the ''controversial'' stuff she comes out with in order to keep herself in the public eye, and, more recently, to gain publicity for her forthcoming book, then I have a very nice bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you.

She's one of the most obvious professional trolls out there, and looking at her (frequently hilarious) tweets, she makes no effort to disguise it at all. She's undoubtedly having a great laugh over people getting wound up by her obvious trolling, particularly when it's a nice little money spinner for her.

To be honest, if people are dopey enough to fall for this old trick time after time, who can blame her? She's laughing all the way to the bank.

Anyone that would callously steal husbands, without conscience, thinks three weeks maternity leave should be for all women, ran the New York Marathon to see whether her unborn child would survive or that nasty and is likely truly that right wing...She is a sociopath and she is hurting her children too...
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