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When the duo were due to do a series of interviews Mel Greig was said to be too distressed to continue, but it seems the decision not to go ahead was taken by the interviewers...

The Project's Carrie Bickmore and Charlie Pickering pulled out of their interview with the young duo, with producer Tom Whitty tweeting: "Mel Greig was too upset and our hosts @BickmoreCarrie and @charliepick were not comfortable."
Of the call Michael Christian claimed....

"The call to begin with wasn't about speaking to Kate. It wasn't about trying to get a scoop or anything."
Yet the first words by Mel Grieg in the broadcast version of the call were, "Could I speak to Kate please.", Christain had promoted the call as being an attempt to speak to a severely ill hospital patient.

They and the radio station haven't clarified the 'process' the call went through before it was aired.
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