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There is no need to give any perspective. A death of any person is equally devastating, be it a young child or a young man dying of an accidental OD.
In all honesty I can't agree with this. Yes it is very tragic. I'm a fan of the show and by all accounts he was a lovely person but if, and its a big if at this stage, his death was related to drugs then whilst clearly devastating for his friends and family, imo it cannot be compared to for example the death of a child. There has to be some recognition of some part of accountability otherwise we learn nothing.

Its not my intention to be offensive but having lost a brother younger than Corey in tragic circumstances things like this make me angry as I see it as such a bloody waste.

I understand he fought very hard against his demons and he and his family most certainly didn't deserve this but absolving him of any responsibility does him and others like him a disservice imo. Even if it makes one other person stop and think and not go down that road then its worth not brushing it under the carpet.
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