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I still can't seem to process the news. I am such a huge Glee fan and absolutely adore Lea so I just feel so sad for her, his family and his friends and all the Glee fans.

I've seen on twitter they were due to get married in 2 weeks, but I don't think this is true, think it was just another rumour. I also saw a picture of a girl who looked like Lea crying on a coffin which was pretty obviously a soldier being repatriated and it said "lea michele today" so I won't believe everything I see on twitter.

Such a tragic circumstance. I keep hoping that his death isn't related to drugs/alcohol because he really was working so hard to get better.

I also cannot see how Glee can ever recover from this. They couldn't just ignore the death of a main cast member, but if I were Lea, Mark, Matthew, Harry, Amber, Chris etc I wouldnt want to 'act' the death of someone who is actually dead in real life and a close friend to me.
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