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I dont think thats what they mean and I disagree anyway, I've also lost a brother younger than Corey in tragic circumstances. The devastation I felt was the same as my friend who lost her brother to drug abuse. The manner of the death isn't really relevant imo, the person is still dead and has left behind a huge hole and hell for their family to go through. Berating and blaming people for their own death isn't going to achieve anything. Do you honestly think people hooked on drugs stop and pay attention to that sort of thing, the death itself is more likely to have an impact rather than what people think of the dead person.
We'll have to agree to differ. I believe the manner of a persons death can be highly emotive to the ones they leave behind and can actually have a huge impact on whether people can ever find peace afterwards. I don't think the tone of my post could be accused of berating or blaming but neither does it serve a purpose to ignore the possible reasons behind a death.

Its a stupid bloody waste when a young person dies in such circumstances and saying so doesn't imply that the grief suffered by those around them is any less.
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