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There is no need to give any perspective. A death of any person is equally devastating, be it a young child or a young man dying of an accidental OD. I would bet, that Cory's loved ones would appreciate, if they would be able to grieve out of the public eye. The paparazzi will hound Lea to get the first pictures of her out and about.

As for Cory, no matter how he died, he was a good man. I've heard tens of stories of him going out of his way to help out other people. In fan meetings he has wiated with some fans for their parents to pick them up, given lifts to people without lifts, , he has been praised by everyone around him about what a wonderful person he was.

Just because he was unable to kick his addiction (and he actually really tried) which he picked up when he was still a child (13-14), and perhaps died due to the addiction makes his death no less tragic. There is no need to call people out, when they are shocked over his death, he and his personality touched many people during his short life, of course people are going to react.
Very well said.
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